Islamic Economics: Principles and Analysis

Islamic Economics: Principles and Analysis

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This book is a culmination of cencerted efforts of more than 60 scholars from different economic schools of thought worldwide. It presents topics and issues of Islamic economic from various perspectives with maximum objectivity. It also compares Islamic economic philosophies and ideas with those of conventional economics as a distinct field of knowledge with an emphasis of the ethical and social aspects. The book covers key aspects of Islamic economics, namely: * Islamic world view versus Islamic economics * Theory building, scope and methodology of Islamic economics * Islamic economic system versus conventional economics * Ethics and values in Islamic economics * Islamic microeconomics and macroeconomics * Islamic financial system and its role in the economy * Social impact of Islamic economics * Economic development from an Islamic perpective * Key challenge surrounding Islamic economics This textbook simplifies, clarifies ans summarises Islamic economic concepts and make them accessible to all readers including students, practitioners, academics and even non-specialists. It serves as an excellent resource where comprehensive knowledge on Islamic economics and a panoply of related issues is made available in this all-in-one book.