Mechanical Applications: Design, Modelling and Control

Mechanical Applications: Design, Modelling and Control

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This volume consists of 10 chapters focusing on the intelligent method for the application of mechanical engineering. The contents of this volume cover various types of mechanical applications and it be divided into several themes following the introduction: design, modelling, and control. All chapters included in this volume are of recent knowledge and they offer practical computational aspects in the engineering field. Chapters on design focus on practical approaches to design part, analysis and implementation for mechanical application while chapters on modelling discuss the methodology of system identification using measurements of the input and output data signals. The chapters on control emphasize on the intelligent method for control system development using soft computing, evolutionary and metaheuristic algorithms. These approaches can enhance machine performance and provide benefits to humans. Mechanical applications with design, modelling and control parts as presented in this book could provide proofs, guideline or references for students, researchers and professionals in the mechanical industries.