Work-Life of Women in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

Work-Life of Women in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

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This edited book consists of 10 chapters focusing on the issues and challenges pertaining to female employees in Malaysian workforce. The contents are based on empirical studies conducted on female employees in various professions and sectors, in which questionnaire surveys and interviews were used for collecting data. Engineers, executives, nurses, academics and public servants were among the respondents of these studies. The findings revealed that Malaysian female employees are facing various challenges which could be the factors that hindered their participation, career progression and retention in the workforce. The issues and challenges that are raised, presented and discussed in this volume can be categorized into individual and organizational factors namely, self-esteem, self-efficacy, career advancement, career satisfaction, gender discrimination, organizational work-family support, commitment and retention, work-life balance, work engagement, flexible work, learning transfer and competence acquisition. The compilation of these research findings provides insights into the plight of women in the Malaysian workforce. This book will be beneficial for career women, human resource practitioners and social science researchers. The book is also suitable for general readers who are interested in women studies.