The Significance of Islamicjerusalem in Islam

The Significance of Islamicjerusalem in Islam

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Why do Muslims have a close relation with Islamicjerusalem? What makes the land so central for Muslims? What is the future for Islamicjerusalem within the religiosity understanding and practice? This book is an exploration on how to provide an answer for a few questions related to the region. As such, it will not be focusing on political issues between Palestine and Israel. For the three main monotheistic religions, the region is considered ‘a city of three faiths’. This means that although some scholars attempt to deny its importance in Islam by stating that the word Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Quran, it failed to convince the basis of the denial. This book in particular, will prove that the claim is merely based on failure to understand the names or terminologies in the Quran that refer to the region. This book focuses on the significance of Islamicjerusalem in Islam, based on the two core sources, the Quran and the Hadith. It is an attempt to investigate evidence from these sources as well as from historical aspects which have signified so many stories and events related to the region. This should help form a conceptual framework of how Muslims deal with Islamicjerusalem, be it in the past, present and the future.