Reinforced Concrete Design To Eurocode 2

Reinforced Concrete Design To Eurocode 2

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This book covers the fundamental topics in reinforced concrete design. It outlines the basic design theory and illustrates some practical applications through many useful worked examples. The first five chapters present the philosophy of reinforced concrete design, the materials’ properties and strengths, various types of loadings that should be considered, and the relevant partial safety factors. The sections also derive the equations used in the design of the beams for flexural and shear and illustrate the requirements of the Code of Practice to satisfy the serviceability limit states of deflection and cracking. The durability requirements for various exposure conditions and fire resistance are also emphasized. The succeeding seven chapters outline the design procedures of beams, solid slabs, stairs, columns, foundations and retaining walls through complete examples. The reinforcement detailing for each of these structural elements are also shown. Analysis of framed structure subjected to vertical and horizontal loadings is included, which incorporates the wind loading analysis in accordance with the Malaysian Standard, MS 1553. The final chapter gives some introduction to prestressed concrete which explains the principle of the design, methods of prestressing as well as the stress distributions across the beam depth at transfer and working stages, and the respective limiting stresses specified by the Code of Practice. The content of this book conforms to the latest Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures (MS EN 1992-1-1: 2010) of the Malaysian Standard