The Islamic Values in Selected Arabic Poems

The Islamic Values in Selected Arabic Poems

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In the past, Arabic poetic texts were studied for general purposes, for example: to know the days of the Arabs, their customs, and their tribes, and to know the secrets of the Arabic language, and its use, and to cite linguistic issues, such as grammar, morphology, rhetoric, prosody, rhyme, and others, or religious sciences, such as interpretation and its sciences. The hadith and its term, jurisprudence and its origins, etc., regardless of the pros or cons of those texts to the rising generations, who were inheriting this method from one elder to another. From this point of view, this little effort came to present writers with a new and important image for the study of literary texts, in order to be interested in poetic texts that underlie the special Islamic values, which pervade the general human values ​​common to religions and peoples, in support of the idea of ​​Islamization of literature, which remains the central goal of Islamic knowledge. It is worth here, to prove to readers that this book - with the ease of its style, clarity of expression, and proportionality in its organization and arrangement - aims to facilitate the learning and teaching of literature for students and teachers who speak non-Arabic, where they are educated in Arab culture and learn Islamic values, which refine their morals at the same time. Therefore, we venerate the author's effort "Islamic values ​​in the selected Arabic poetic texts" and then recommend it and present it to the Islamic world as a model that combines Islamic literature with a new world vision