The linguistic issues between Ancient and Modern

The linguistic issues between Ancient and Modern

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The purpose of the study is to reveal the position of Western Orientalists on the ancient Arabic literary studies, given their great importance in the history of Arabic literature. 

The study focuses on the development of the Arabic language, and discussing the opinion that says that the age of ancient Arabic poetry is no more than two centuries before Islam, and we find this opinion in the form of articles of small size. 

Depending on this hypothesis, the researcher will refer to the views of orientalists on this issue, and it is known that research and studies have benefited from orientalists diligently in collecting manuscripts and ancient literary inscriptions related to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Hammurabi Sharia, the Iliad or the Odyssey; The researcher will stand on the relationship of these inscriptions to Arabic literature; To prove the extent of this opinion’s scientific and credibility, by presenting the evidence, proofs and sayings of scholars, following the historical analytical method. It is known that the Mesopotamian civilization is of great importance in the history of human literature, and despite the fact that most of the written tablets á of the Sumerian and Babylonian languages ​​that came to us did not go back to the beginning of the second millennium BC; This written literature dates back to the middle of the third millennium BC. If Qaru Qaddam human literature and found it preceded in the time of its codification all that produced by human thought.