Español Nivel I (SPANISH LEVEL 1)

Español Nivel I (SPANISH LEVEL 1)

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Espanol Nivel I is a textbook suitable for anyone who wants to learn the Spanish Language. It is designed to guide learners to acquire the basic communication skills needed to engage themselves in simple daily conversations.


This textbook consists of an introduction to the basic grammatical structure to start communicating in Spanish. The chosen components have been organised to reflect and emphasize on the fundamental of learning language through practices.


Four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are important parts which are being focused in this textbook and exercises are provided for the reinforcement. The Spanish culture and tradition will also be indirectly embedded in the selected texts of the reading comprehensions as added knowledge for the learners. In the future, if they ever get to visit Spain, they will be able to relate and adjust themselves well with the culture and its people.


This five-chapter-lesson textbook of Espanol Nivel I has been developed with the following features;


i.   Grammar structure presentation - every topic will be guided with practical explanation and exercises.


ii.  Vocabulary - Basic vocabulary to support learners in using proper grammar.


iii. Communicative activities - presented in 2 categories actividad and practicamos.


iv. Reading comprehension - provided in dialogue of conversations and selected texts.


Exercises for Revision - extra exercises from every chapter learned.


Apart from guided learning, all the exercises have also been designed to assist the students during their self-learning time. Thus, answer keys are provided for learners to practise and later check their own progress after completing each chapter.