Engineering Mathematics for Science and Engineering Students

Engineering Mathematics for Science and Engineering Students

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This book is written by a team of experienced mathematics lecturers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Batu Pahat mainly for tertiary level students. It is specifically written as a text for students studying subjects such as Pure Mathematics, Basic Mathematics and Foundation Mathematics at A?Levels, Matriculation level, Fundamental Science Course and first year students in Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia. The contents of each chapter are organized cognitively so as to guide the student to acquire the essential concepts and to develop mathematical skills systematically.


Among the helpful features in the book are:


    More than 360 solved problems, with complete steps of solution to help students understand the basic processes.

    Short quizzes at the end of each sections to consolidate the skills acquired.

    Exercise at the end of each chapter to help student recapitulate concepts and reinforce learning. More than 500 questions are arranged according to increasing degrees of difficulties.

    Many of these problems are posed to challenge students? thinking processes and to help them develop thinking skills.

    Tables showing formulae for differentiation, integration and trigonometric identities, included at the end of this book.