Good Boss Better Boss (English edition): Practical Leadership Models for Post-Covid Success

Good Boss Better Boss (English edition): Practical Leadership Models for Post-Covid Success

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The book's practical leadership and managerial models combined with tips, examples, and stories on how to lead diverse teams and personalities will help you achieve better results- and become a better boss-- in this new post-Covid age. The book is geared for anyone leading others whether in organizations, government, military, non-profits, or business owners. If you have remote or semi-remote team members, you will like the book’s ACCT and the R.E.M.O.T.E. models.

The author is an American living in Malaysia since 1995. The book focuses on helping you succeed through your people and processes. Your organizational value is the sum of your skills, knowledge, attitude, behaviors, results, and organizational relationships. Becoming a ‘better boss’ will only increase your value. Bosses have power and how you use that power determines your level of success. The author- who has lived and traveled to over 40 countries, shares his experiences in the West and the East to help you become a better boss. He believes good leadership comes down to two vital qualities and you either have them by now or you don’t: Courage and Ethics.

Key parts of the book include leading diverse teams and personalities, team communications, building a motivational work environment, presentation skills, handling top and bottom performers, coaching via the new ‘House’ model, impressing VIPs (your boss, Board, investors, key customers), decision-making skills, handling conflict, networking, and moving upward and onward in your future. The book is full of easy, useful models to make you a ‘better boss.’