Small Smile's Sunday Buddy

Small Smile's Sunday Buddy

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"Small Smile's Sunday Buddy and other South Brooklyn Tales" is a thoughtful collection of vignettes and short stories that dives into the complexities of place. As Aiden, the main character, looks back on his life growing up in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of South Brooklyn, he comes to understand that where you spent your formative years has a profound influence on who you become. Humans, after all, are a product of where they spend their time. Place is an inescapable part of our identity "Aiden did not feel like he was dying, but he wasn't quite sure. So, he made a vow at this crucial juncture to recall and recount all his memories of growing up in a neighborhood in South Brooklyn. He vowed that he would write one story, one sentence, or even just one word that would encompass his past and all that had occurred over the years as he did not know for certain what his future might hold."