Royal Wedding/Crowned for the Prince's Heir/A Night in the Prince's Bed/A Queen for the Taking?

Royal Wedding/Crowned for the Prince's Heir/A Night in the Prince's Bed/A Queen for the Taking?

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Crowned for the Prince’s Heir - Sharon Kendrick

Dress designer Lisa Bailey reluctantly broke off her relationship with Luc, knowing an affair with the prince had no future. But one last stolen encounter left her quaking with passion, drenched in desire and unexpectedly pregnant!

Months later, Prince Luciano Leonides of Mardovia is on the brink of the perfect political marriage when a news article shows Lisa with an obvious bump! His baby. With Mardovian royal blood. Now he must claim his heir at any cost…

A Night in the Prince’s Bed - Chantelle Shaw

Beautiful Mina Hart has overcome her hearing impairment to become a leading theatre actress. But one stolen night with a gorgeous stranger turns into headline news when it’s revealed he is the Prince of Storvhal.

Devastated when he accuses her of using him for publicity, Mina travels to his icy Scandinavian country to proclaim her innocence. But hiding in his car, she falls asleep and wakes up at Prince Aksel’s private retreat! A heavy snow fall traps them in and now she must rely on her senses to read this haunted and intensely private Prince!

A Queen for the Taking? - Kate Hewitt

Spare to the throne, Alessandro Diomedi never expected to be dragged back to Maldinia and thrust beneath the crown. Upheaval has ravaged his country, but one thing has stayed the same…the woman he must now marry.

Trained from birth to be the perfect Queen, it’s finally time for Liana Aterno to do her duty. But Sandro is not the man she remembers. Cynical and brooding King Sandro unexpectedly ignites a fire in her that sparks rebellion! When their first, electrifying kiss nearly proves both their undoing, Sandro is determined to unleash all the passion his mysterious queen has learned to hide so well!