Oh Dear, the Baby is Here!

Oh Dear, the Baby is Here!

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Taking care of a newborn is daunting for many first-time moms and dads. Their minds are usually flooded with a plethora of questions---Am I holding him correctly? How do I change her diaper? How many ounces of milk is required? How do I breastfeed? What if she is crying uncontrollably? What should I do if he's constipated? What should I do if she has diarrhea? What if he has a fever? What formula should I use? What size clothing should I purchase? How do I prepare our home for our baby's arrival? Relax, no worries. Oh Dear, the Baby Is Here is a guide to help ease the anxieties and doubts about caring for your newborn. It answers frequently asked questions by new parents and serves as an inner voice of experience walking with you through the first few months of parenthood. Dive in and learn the ABC's of taking care of your newborn. You will feel equipped and confident on Day One of your parenting adventure. Here we go!