Life & Love New Release Box Set Oct 2022

Life & Love New Release Box Set Oct 2022

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Pulse-racing passion and heartfelt love stories - experience the rush of falling in love!

Reclusive Millionaire's Mistletoe Miracle - Michelle Douglas

Widow Chloe's new gardening commission is the perfect excuse to avoid Christmas. When she discovers that her complicated new boss, Beau, also hates the festive season, they agree to mutually dislike it together! Scarred Beau has lost everything and sealed his heart off for good. But Chloe breathes fresh air into his life and together they embark on an unexpected, blistering affair. Will their Christmas together be the miracle they never knew they needed?

Whirlwind Fling to Baby Bombshell - Ally Blake

Quirky Adelaid yearns to be taken seriously as a journalist - writing an article on genius Ted Fincher is the perfect way. But when she meets this tall hunk of gorgeousness, the frisson of attraction between them is completely distracting! She should suppress her exuberance long enough to discover why Ted's heart is so guarded... Yet she can't resist bowling headlong into an affair - one that has shocking consequences!

Stranded with the Paramedic - Sue MacKay

Brooke Williams is taking control of her life. The only thing this paramedic can't control? The weather! So as her beachside break is struck by torrential rain, she finds herself helping injured residents alongside intriguing doctor, Danny Collins. Their chemistry is instant and soon they can't resist waiting out the storm - between the sheets! But Danny's holding something back and honesty is non-negotiable for Brooke. Dare she risk her heart for a chance at happy-ever-after?

How to Resist the Single Dad - JC Harroway.

GP trainee Stella Wright left the idyllic Cotswold village she grew up in, never planning to return...especially not to train at the local practice under Dr Aaron Bennett. Now, being back is the least of her problems! Aaron is stoic, sexy and a single father, exactly the type of man Stella refuses to get involved with again. Only, one stolen kiss is enough to drive all efforts of resistance from her mind!