Harmonization, Decoration of Architectural Forms and Light

Harmonization, Decoration of Architectural Forms and Light

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he present book aims to describe the theory of form which currently the expression in buildings are without visualizing the harmonization and proportion. The architects are working only at their intellectual esthetic scope, artistic taste, visual and sense feelings. This book will further describe and widely interrelate with the essense and comprehension ways of words “scale”, “proportion”, “symmetry” and “harmony”. It is considered that in architecture the unique way to reach beauty is based on the composition. It expresses the meaning of uniqueness, proportion, symmetry, rhythm, and contrast. These means the building needs to connect with architectural forms with artistic creativity to demonstrate their unique compositional and harmony which are not analyzed well in the current condition. This book is also emphasizing on harmonization in lighting. The presence of light in the building provides the value in the perspective of function in architecture. The balance of light will create the beauty of space and the positive mood in emotion. The quality of space through the amount of light entering the area will be defined from the architectural elements that include the structure members which also as controller.