Easy Lie Detection Techniques

Easy Lie Detection Techniques

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"Who Else Wants To Have X-Ray Vision, To See The Lies?"

Easy Lie Detection Techniques is a comprehensive guide to detecting lies and deception in everyday situations. Whether you want to spot lies in romance or friendships, or when shopping for a car, this book will help you identify liars and give you some effective tactics, on how to prevent being duped by the deceptive.

The book contains easy-to-understand techniques, that will help you develop the skills to recognize lies, identify people who may be lying to you, and even determine when something is off.

You can use your special gift to help yourself, your family, your friends, your employees, and even your clients by turning your skills into moneymaking ability, or to prevent scoundrels from taking advantage, or trying to scam you!

In this book you'll learn about:

The Nature of Lies

Navigating the obstacle of deception detection

Body-hugging and crossed arms

The Complexity of Communication

Frequent lying gestures

Deception and body language

Verbal evidence of deception

Words and phrases that indicate deception

Deception and Cognitive Response

Detecting Deception

Delaying tactics

The Lie Detector

Polygraph testing techniques

Baselining, Tools, and High Sensory Sensitivity

Interrogator's skills

Interviewer techniques

Asking control questions

Fact manipulation

Reassess the situation

Business Deception

Suspicious but innocent

The Sound of Deception

And so much more...

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