Thoughts from God for You

Thoughts from God for You

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This book will encourage people to find hope, joy, love, faith, fellowship and be able to live successfully in a negative environment. God wants His creation to live happy productive lives. Satan is out to destroy everything good. History tells us how things repeat themselves every few generations. God tells us to be mindful and wise of what we wish for, it may come and bite us. This book hopefully brings the true meaning of what Christ came to teach and show us. The way to achieve true peace is to allow God to be in control of our lives. This nation was built on God's principles, but over the years society has become "I" centered. People need to stand up, be strong and say "not my will Lord, but your will." We need to stand up and be counted for living an exemplary life that counters the sinful aspects of our culture so prevalent today, not just sit and complain about them. We can have a successful life but not when we put ME first. We need to open the Scriptures and find Him again. There is love, peace, hope and joy but we have to say His will, His way, my Faith. There is an old song we sang when I was young that says it all. It is a simple little song, the author is unknown, but many have recorded it. "Have faith, hope, and charity. That's the way to live successfully. How do I know? The Bible tells me so. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just be real good today. The Lord is right beside you. He'll guide you all the way. How do I know? The Bible tells me so."

Kay Ashwell is a unique combination of Bible teacher, scholar, and church planter. Over the years she has accumulated a great deal of wisdom about the scriptures and how to live a life devoted to seeking God. I have observed her studying scriptures constantly, indicating her deep desire to understand the messages God has for us. I am confident that you will be blessed by the personal insights she shares with readers of this volume, as she presents both encouragement and warnings about taking our Christian walk seriously. -Kevin Wirth CEO, Leg-cutter Press