Eight Rhymes without Reasons! Four Stories for the Seasons!

Eight Rhymes without Reasons! Four Stories for the Seasons!

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The first part of this book includes eight short, fantasy vignettes written in rhyme, whose main "actors" are a variety of animal characters: a rabbit; a cat; a goose and a moose; an owl; a skunk; a beaver and a groundhog; a pigeon as well as a plant character named Willy the Wonderful Willow. Themes are set in current times. In various presentations by the author, these pieces have been described as "sweet and endearing," "positive and delightful," "lovely, clever and very readable," and "well-crafted." Because of their warm reception, the author was encouraged to place them on a platform available to a wider range of readers. The second part of the book contains four stories: one about a flying purple pig; another about a harp that talks as well as plays music; a third about a magical Christmas pony; and the last about a crab with a friendly and philosophical attitude. Characters include adults as well as children whose ages range from a very mature five year old to a thirteen year old. Though written for middle school children, all ages seem to enjoy them. These are for the young as well as the young at heart. They have found warm acceptance by adults who feel that they are a respite from the harsh times of modern life.