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Developer, Advocate!

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A collection of in-depth conversations with leading developer advocates that reveal the world of developer relations today

Key Features

  • Top developer advocates reveal the work they're doing at the center of their tech communities and the impact their advocacy is having on the tech industry as a whole

  • Discover the best practices of developer advocacy and get the inside story on working at some of the world's largest tech companies

  • Features contributions from noted developer advocates, including Scott Hanselman, Sally Eaves, Venkat Subramaniam, Jono Bacon, Ted Neward, and more

Book Description

What exactly is a developer advocate, and how do they connect developers and companies around the world? Why is the area of developer relations set to explode? Can anybody with a passion for tech become a developer advocate? What are the keys to success on a global scale? How does a developer advocate maintain authenticity when balancing the needs of their company and their tech community? What are the hot topics in areas including Java, JavaScript, "tech for good," artificial intelligence, blockchain, the cloud, and open source?

These are just a few of the questions addressed by developer advocate and author Geertjan Wielenga in Developer, Advocate!. 32 of the industry's most prominent developer advocates, from companies including Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, open up about what it's like to turn a lifelong passion for knowledge sharing about tech into a rewarding career. These advocates run the gamut from working at large software vendors to small start-ups, along with independent developer advocates who work within organizations or for themselves.

In Developer, Advocate!, readers will see how developer advocates are actively changing the world, not only for developers, but for individuals and companies navigating the fast-changing tech landscape. More importantly, Developer, Advocate! serves as a rallying cry to inspire and motivate tech enthusiasts and burgeoning developer advocates to get started and take their first steps within their tech community.

What you will learn

  • Discover how developer advocates are putting developer interests at the heart of the software industry in companies including Microsoft and Google

  • Gain the confidence to use your voice in the tech community

  • Immerse yourself in developer advocacy techniques

  • Understand and overcome the challenges and obstacles facing developer advocates today

  • Hear predictions from the people at the cutting edge of tech

  • Explore your career options in developer advocacy

Who this book is for

Anybody interested in developer advocacy, the impact it is having, and how to build developer advocacy capabilities