Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership(RCEP) is a free-trade deal between 10 ASEAN member states and Australia,China, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea. It is the world's biggest regionaltrade deal, and it will create the world's most populous trade area. Thisedited collection features 10 contributions from multidisciplinary authors andis meant to share research and best practises on different aspects of the RCEP.It presents research projects that contribute to the discussion about the theory,lessons learned, and business strategies, to give a better understanding of theRCEP and how it can shape policy in member countries. The themes in eachchapter can also serve to evaluate reports on the RCEP's overall progress. Thebook covers a broad range of subjects, including an overview of the RCEP,digital economy, peer-to-peer lending, international e-commerce, big data, ICTreadiness and much more. This work is a key source of information and referencefor RCEP development for academics and researchers (in economics and politicalscience), government and trade organisations and policymakers interested in theRCEP. Members of the general public who want to understand debates surroundingthe RCEP will also benefit from the information provided.