How To Care For A Pet Rabbit-Cute Little Bunnies Make Fantastic Pets!

How To Care For A Pet Rabbit-Cute Little Bunnies Make Fantastic Pets!

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Rabbits are the third most popular household pet in the West, and are gaining popularity in the rest of the world too. This book aims to advise prospective owners on how to choose, buy and take care of a pet rabbit. It is said, and I have found it to be true, that rabbits are about as intelligent as your average cat or dog. They live approximately the same length of time too, but are less demanding and easier to feed. In fact, they are ideal for people who can’t get out much, or don’t want to keep meat in the fridge or even in the house, as they are one hundred percent vegetarian! If you don’t know much about rabbits, you could be forgiven for thinking that a rabbit is a rabbit, is a rabbit, but in fact, there are 370 classes of rabbit (according to UK and USA rabbit organisations) and they come from 70 different countries. So, there is plenty of scope in size and colour. Not only that, but owners will tell you that each rabbit has its own distinctive personality, much like a cat or a dog. However, in general, we could say that rabbits are docile, placid and friendly, and don’t appreciate rough handling or play. Rabbits are also the third most popular pet in the UK and the fourth in the USA, but third most popular with all age groups of twelve and above. So, you are in good company.