Theory of Karma

Theory of Karma

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Creation is a process, where the potential insentient matter (prak¦ti) gets manifested into the gross form, to embody during the s¦ÈÇi, each of the sentient entities called the Àtmas with the suitable body either of deva, manuÈya, jaôgama or of sthÀvara. This glorious activity is orchestrated by the one and only Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient Reality called Brahman. But one question remains still an enigma, as to why a particular sentient entity gets a specified body and through whose direction that decision arrives? The ancient VedÀntic knowledge reinforced by the BrahmasÂtra and the BhagavadgÁtÀ establishes that it is, purely and solidly, the result (karma-phala) of earlier actions (karmas) of each one of the sentient entities. This is a strong and formidable solution to the unanswered questions like why does, one child being blessed to be born in either rich or healthy and sÀttvic family and another child being consigned to be born in a family living in poor conditions or unhealthy tÀmasic environment.
This book would engage the readers to think on those lines by supplying enough material on karma-adhikÀratva, jÁva-kart¦tva and Divine intervention.