Cat Songs, Smiles and Stories! (Some Sweet Things in Life)

Cat Songs, Smiles and Stories! (Some Sweet Things in Life)

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This is a collection of poems and stories about cats: their behaviors; their unique personalities; their foibles and their affections for their human caregivers. It also reflects the love and care given to felines by their human companions. It is meant to entertain and to offer a respite from the worries and stresses of life. The poems in the first part of the book are all based on cats that I have known and with whom I have shared my life. A number of my adventures with cats have been included. Cat guardians will recognize some of the antics of their own cats. Six of the stories in the second part of the book are actually events from the lives of my cats. The remaining two stories involve cats that I did not know personally but whose stories I felt the reader would enjoy. I did know people with whom these cats shared their lives. "Ranger, The Yellow Cat" tells the story of a wonderful feline who graced the historic Hughlett's Tavern/Rice's Hotel in Heathsville, Virginia Tavern in the 1990s. His presence is still felt today in the bustling historic site. If these stories make someone smile and reflect on joyous times with their own animal companions, I will be very happy and will have achieved my goal.