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From warrior to diplomat, his destiny awaits.

Heralded as the Hero of the North, Ludwig returns home, expecting to reconcile with his father, only to learn a mysterious illness has taken him.

Thrust into the role of baron, he quickly discovers his stepbrother left his lands teetering on the edge of ruin. The barony is nearly bankrupt, the army weak, and its traditional enemy is making threats of war.

Before he has the opportunity to rectify the situation, King Otto reminds him of his obligation to continue the family name.

Now entangled in the tumultuous politics of court, he is forced to deal with petty jealousies and a country torn apart by strife. All while a powerful enemy prepares to invade!

Can he successfully master the complexity of being a warrior lord, or will it ultimately lead to his own destruction?

The story of a seasoned hero continues in Warrior Lord, Book Four of the Power Ascending series.

Ready your weapons and pick up a copy of Warrior Lord to see what he must do to be victorious.

New to the series? Meet Charlaine and Ludwig in Tempered Steel, the series prequel, then crack open a copy of Temple Knight to learn how a leader is forged.

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