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Ultimate Freedom is a travel novel of a trip taken by author Anja Kovačič at the beginning of a world pandemic. She has lived in Australia for a year and started her Oceania trip from Hawaii to Fiji, and all the way to the Solomon Islands. She is a journalist, an editor and a curious traveller. Ultimate Freedom is a gentle, feminine version of Nejc Zaplotnik's effort of making sense of the journey and aimlessness of striving to reach a goal. A lyrical travelogue and a playful self-confession with the trappings of a bildungsroman. A book you want to take on the road with you. Literally. - Boštjan Videmšek When observing nature, billion-year-old natural wonders, people seem irrelevant. Like the flight of a cockatoo, when it spreads its wings so spontaneously, completely freely, all the questions about life flew their way across the sky. When we leave everything behind … A novel about a traveller who is trapped on the Solomon Islands due to cancelled flights at the onset of a global pandemic. Alone. In a tropical paradise. Among unknown people and their customs. Left to her own ingenuity. She survives a tropical cyclone on the islands, experiences a murder among the aborigines, climbs Uluru just before it's closed, dives with sharks and in the middle of the Australian wilderness, under a thousand stars in the vast sky, goes into the depths of her being. She embraces her vulnerability and discovers the infinite strength in freedom. "If you truly know your hearts desire, trust that it will become a reality one day."