The Ride To Nashville by Dr. Robert Martin Screen

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Category: General Novel , History
ISBN: 9781620950845
Publisher: Bookbaby
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The Ride to Nashville is a timeless and powerful story of a young father and son's struggle to forge a relationship during a fateful drive to Nashville, Tennessee. This moving novel chronicles the coming of age 9 year old Richard, a bright yet sheltered boy, who has been raised by his well-meaning grandmother following his parents divorce. As Richard travels with his father from rural LaCosta County, Georgia to Nashville for his medical school graduation, their journey is marked by vicious racism as they attempt to use public restrooms, buy gas, and to have a flat tire repaired. Stirred by the harsh realities that he painfully witnesses, Richard finds the courage to boldly confront his father about the pain he fells from years of neglect and disappointments. Eloquently written and based on his true life story, Dr. Robert Martin Screen navigates readers through an adventurous journey back to the racist climate of the south during the early 1940s, as he uncovers father and son's heartbreaking struggle to restore the breach.


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