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A collection of four novels by Amanda Apthorpe, now available in one volume!

A Single Breath: Obstetrician Dana Cavanagh receives hate mail after the court's verdict of not guilty for the death of her patient Bonnie. While sifting through the letters, she receives a cryptic message with a tiny marble stone from Greece. Accompanied by her sister, she travels to Kos to follow the mystery of the letter. With strange ghostly appearances and two more letters, Dana wonders if she can persist in her crusade to clear her name and find the truth.

Hibernia: Gallery co-manager Audrey Spencer finds herself stranded on Hibernia, an island off the mainland coast, and is helped by strangers before returning to her urban life. Unable to shake her memories of the island, Audrey returns with her parents and best friend, Poppy, to consider a different way of living. However, she faces threats to the island's ecosystem, her husband's greed, and her uncertain attraction to Quin O’Rourke, leading her to draw on her strengths and help save the island with the unlikely help of the saffron crocus.

One Core Belief: Delfi Kazan longs to escape her small island and make it big in Athens as a soap opera star, but her arranged marriage to handsome engineer Nikolas offers a glimmer of hope. However, Nikolas is still pining over his ex-fiancé and has lost his passion for city life, leaving Delfi to toil away in his family's taverna. As she struggles to find a way out, an offer and a seduction present themselves, but will they lead her to her dreams?

Whispers In The Wiring: After his twin brother's death, priest Rupert Brown takes guardianship of his teenage niece, Neti. Struggling with grief and his faith, Rupert attempts to create a home for Neti while dealing with her estranged mother's sudden return. A neuroscientist, Athena Nevis, invites Rupert to participate in her research on religious experiences, leading him to question his lifelong vocation. As their relationship evolves, Rupert and Athena confront their spirituality and values, ultimately discovering personal growth, acceptance, and happiness.