Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrises and Sunsets

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Sunrises and Sunsets: A Daily Journey of Renewal, Redemption, and Rejoicing illustrates a different understanding of hope that will give confidence to the reader that hope is possible to have again. This award winning book intersperses in the daily devotions three stories of persons who were able to discover a hope that, in spite the challenges they were facing, gave them a new vision of meaning and purpose. My friend and colleague, Dr. Bill Stephenson, offers us a unique book that takes the reader on an intriguing journey of reflection and response. His intention is to guide us into a deep and honest conversation with ourselves. Frequently he addresses his "soul," a voice within all of us, not easily heard, but often rewarding.

- Rev. Richard Smith

Richard is a retired United Methodist Minister

and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

To me, the elegant simplicity of having a prayer to begin my day and a subsequent prayer when the day reaches its predictable end is wonderful. How much better things would be if I were reminded, on a daily basis, to do just that: talk to God. And having a space to record my reflections takes the whole experience to another level.

- Rick Morris

Award-Winning Educator and Author