Family of Rescue Dogs Collection - Books 1-4

Family of Rescue Dogs Collection - Books 1-4

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The first four books in Brian L. Porter's 'Family Of Rescue Dogs' series, now available in one volume!

Sasha: A Staffordshire Bull Terrier abandoned close to death at the age of 6 weeks old, Sasha was rescued from a street gutter and had the good fortune to be adopted by author Brian L. Porter and his family. Despite suffering from a catalogue of injuries, including two broken legs and skin allergies, and being diagnosed as an epileptic at just two years old, Sasha's story is one of triumph over adversity; of love, happiness and inspiration. Her love of life and capacity for enjoying every day to the fullest is nothing short of miraculous, and her story is told here by the person who shares every moment of her life on a daily basis.

Sheba - From Hell to Happiness: Rescue dog Sheba, Sasha’s best friend, was starved, beaten and used as bait for the training of fighting dogs and then thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die, a barely living skeleton. The author and his wife adopted this unfortunate waif and so began a long period of recuperation and training as they gradually helped Sheba back to full health, and to live sociably and happily within their pack of rescue dogs. A story of real triumph over adversity, full of emotion and a fair amount of humour too, Sheba’s is a real-life tale of just what can be achieved in rehabilitating a dog, having suffered a living hell, from the brink of death to a life full of happiness.

Cassie's Tale: Cassie was just over two years old when she joined Brian and Juliet’s family of rescues, having already had three previous owners in her short life. The tiny little terrier soon wormed her way into the hearts of the family, and her antics and oversized attitude quickly earned her the nicknames ‘The Mad Ferret’ and ‘The Wicked Witch of the West.’ Cassie can best be described as a ‘pocket dynamo’ or, as the author puts it, “She is filled with boundless energy, and despite being fourteen years old now, she’s like a Duracell bunny without an off switch.”

Penny The Railway Pup: Penny, a tiny terrier, was abandoned in a particularly cruel manner. From being attacked and needing emergency surgery, to days out at the coast, chasing seagulls, and stately homes, Penny's life in Brian's pack of rescue dogs has never been anything but interesting and eventful.