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Basic Guitar Manual

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Would you like to learn a new skill that can earn you extra money while you learn? Perhaps a skill in the arts so you can create something new that can make a large number of people feel happier? Have you thought about playing the guitar and playing for audiences but you feel so frozen by fear that you haven't made that leap? No matter who you are or what your current situation is, regardless of your age or culture, this book is full of insights and will act as a guide in your guitar and performance education. Christopher Adam Cutro is an American guitarist from the Chicago area, who has been playing the guitar since 1980. From his own experiences learning the guitar, playing in bands and studios, and teaching others how to play, Chris has written Basic Guitar Manual: The Book on Playing Guitar so that you can learn how to play just as he did. Chris shares with you all his personal experiences to help you to overcome fear, and show you what to expect on your journey of learning. This guide will help you to buy a guitar, learn how to play it, learn songs, write songs, start a band, play shows, and record your own music. Read this amazing book, and get ready to create a massive change in your life.