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Learn like Einstein

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Wish you could learn and memorize more in less time? Stay focused, quit being frustrated, and absorb info like a human sponge?
If you’re looking to (1) accelerate your learning abilities, (2) improve your memory instantly, (3) pick up new skills efficiently, and (4) fly through material and ace tests – the answers are right in front of you.

Step by step methods and habits to train your brain.
Learn Like Einstein is your scientifically proven field guide on using your brain to its fullest potential like Albert Einstein. This is NOT a boring textbook full of generic tips like “manage your time better and don’t cram at the last minute.” There are specific and actionable tactics to address every aspect of your learning – from memorizing, reading faster, absorbing more, and focusing better.

Become an expert and decipher complexities rapidly.
Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years. This book represents the scientifically proven methods he has used to become an expert in multiple domains.

Learn faster and save your valuable time.
•Develop bulletproof focus and concentration.
•Why your current notes are sabotaging your learning.
•Why some people learn by hearing, doing, music, or moving.
•How to rehearse and practice to achieve expertise in record time.

Rediscover your life with laser sharp focus and mental clarity.
Learning to learn is one of the most valuable skills you will ever possess because it unlocks everything you want in life. Imagine learning any skill, hobby, or passion in just days versus months, and becoming good enough to make money with it.

Imagine remembering important dates and appointments, and breezing through tests with less studying time than anyone. What could you accomplish if you could guarantee being able to learn and perfect it? Success in business, personal satisfaction, better relationships and friendships, and overall: creating the life you want.