People of Struggles

People of Struggles

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In 1992, a year after the ‘Desert Storm’, Saddam Hussein declared a terrorist war on each country involved in any form in the fights against Iraq. In Hungary, two terror groups swung into action. One of them captured some German tourists in the Eger castle. When at night, the Hungarian Counter Terrorist Special Force First Lieutenant moved off on his mission to Eger, he entered a time portal en route and found himself in a parallel universe in the year 1552. His way to the castle besieged by Sultan Suleiman’s powerful armies was fateful. Stephen Dobó, Chief Constable of Eger castle and his barely two thousand men faced the military power victorious thus far of the largest empire of the time.

This is a story in commemoration of them. Of the two thousand Hungarians, their patriotism, courage and self-sacrifice forcing the Turkish imperial forces to fall back.

Strands of ruthless battles, bloody sieges, love and altruism run through the whole of the novel to finally allow formulating these few lines with their interior meaning you may not divide into eras, since it never loses its validity.


If a sense of grief wash over you about what does the future hold

and you're so scared,

then be aware of that your strength resides not in your arms,

but in your soul!