Surprise Family

Surprise Family

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Terms Of Engagement - Ann Major

He’s set his plan into motion. Billionaire Quinn Sullivan is this close to taking over his enemy’s beloved company. He simply has to marry his rival’s youngest daughter. But when Kira Murray begs him not to seduce her sister, Quinn can’t help being intrigued.

Here is a woman who dares to challenge him. A woman who ignites feelings far more exciting than those he holds for his intended bride. Now the tycoon has a new agenda. He’ll set aside his wedding plans...but only for a price the lovely Kira must willingly pay.

A Baby For The Boss - Maureen Child

When Jenny Marshall meets gaming tycoon Mike Ryan, she thinks she’s met The One. But when he realises she’s his competitor’s niece he believes she’s spying on him! Jenny thinks she’s done with Mike...until she gets a new job — and he’s her boss!

His angelic-looking employee is more temptation than Mike can resist — even if he still can’t trust her. Now, she’s pregnant with his baby. Is she playing the most elaborate game of all...or could mother and child be his if only he opens his guarded heart?

From Enemies To Expecting - Kat Cantrell

Marketing exec Trinity Forrester needs PR buzz. By-the-books baseball tycoon Logan McLaughlin needs ticket sales. Their plan is simple: embark on a pretend romance to boost publicity. But soon their reality show kisses lead to explosive off-camera lovemaking...

Trinity knows her fling with her frustratingly handsome co-star ends when the cameras stop rolling — not with a diamond ring and proposal. But when their fake romance yields a very real pregnancy, will the emotionally guarded duo choose winning...or wedding?