Absolute Beginner's Python Programming

Absolute Beginner's Python Programming

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Written as an illustrated, step-by-step guide and workbook for complete beginners, this illustrated, full color book will introduce you to the python programming language using clear explanations, diagrams, coded examples, lab exercises and video demos. 

You'll begin by learning how to set up the python interpreter and development environment on your computer, then you'll dive straight into the basics of python such as python language syntax, python keywords, and how to write and execute python program.

Next, you will learn how to work with python variables, basic data types, arithmetic, companion, and boolean operators.

Furthermore, the book covers flow control constructs such as if/else statements and loops in python. You'll also learn how to define and use functions, recursion, and exception handling, as well as a look at the principles of object-oriented programming.

You'll also learn how to use turtle graphics to draw various shapes and patterns, and how to build a graphical user interface using tkinter. The last section covers developing a game using the PyGame module and how to add graphics, create basic animations, and user interactivity. 

At the end of each chapter, you'll find various lab exercises to test what you've learned in the chapter. Also included is a growing repository of sample python source code, bonus material for each chapter, videos, and model solutions to lab exercises to further enhance your learning experience.

Absolute Beginner's Python Programming Guide will give you the tools, confidence, and inspiration to start writing Python programs. If you are a beginner, a developer, a student, or someone who wants to learn on their own, this book is for you.

What You Will Learn

Gain an understanding of computer programming with python

Understand different data and data types in python

Work with Classes and OOP in python

Build interfaces, simple games, and web development with Python

This Book Is For




anyone who wants to learn Python programming on their own.