Life and How to Live It

Life and How to Live It

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Few people manage to make a true impact on others the way Mike Adams did during his life. As a professor, columnist, and friend, he left an indelible mark on nearly everyone he met, moving them to become the best versions of themselves through his witty yet thought-provoking remarks. Although Mike passed away in 2020, his legacy lives on through the insights he shared in his writing—the greatest examples of which have been carefully compiled by his surviving brother, David. These narratives serve to map out the major events of Mike's life while shining a light on the positive influence he had on those he encountered along the way. A touching testament to someone who was loved by many, Life and How to Live It tells the story of a life well lived by a man transformed—from a D student to an A student, from an atheist to a Christian, and from a liberal to a conservative. It honors a beloved leader who devoted himself to educating and inspiring others in life and who continues to do so now that he's gone. With Mike's trademark humor and wisdom leaping from every page and David's commentary providing meaningful context, this book is sure to ignite a desire in every reader to examine their beliefs and consider how to make a lasting difference in the world.