Practical Guide to Azure Cognitive Services

Practical Guide to Azure Cognitive Services

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Streamline your complex processes and optimize your organization's operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer experience by unlocking the potential of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and OpenAI

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Key Features

Minimize costs and maximize operations by automating mundane activities using AI tools

Ideate solutions using real-world examples for manufacturing process improvement with AI

Master TCO and ROI analysis for implementing AI solutions, automating operations, and ideating innovative manufacturing solutions with real-world examples

Book Description

Azure Cognitive Services and OpenAI are a set of pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) solution APIs that can be leveraged from existing applications, allowing customers to take advantage of Microsoft’s award-winning Vision, Speech, Text, Decision, and GPT-4 AI capabilities.

With Practical Guide to Azure Cognitive Services, you’ll work through industry-specific examples of implementations to get a head-start in your production journey. You’ll begin with an overview of the categorization of Azure Cognitive Services and the benefits of embracing AI solutions for practical business applications. After that, you’ll explore the benefits of using Azure Cognitive Services to optimize efficiency and improve predictive capabilities. Then, you’ll learn how to leverage Vision capabilities for quality control, Form Recognizer to streamline supply chain nuances, language understanding to improve customer service, and Cognitive Search for next-generation knowledge-mining solutions.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to implement various Cognitive Services solutions that will help you enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience at your organization. You’ll also be well equipped to automate mundane tasks by reaping the full potential of OpenAI.

What you will learn

Master cost-effective deployment of Azure Cognitive Services

Develop proven solutions from an architecture and development standpoint

Understand how Cognitive Services are deployed and customized

Evaluate various uses of Cognitive Services with different mediums

Disseminate Azure costs for Cognitive Services workloads smoothly

Deploy next-generation Knowledge Mining solutions with Cognitive Search

Explore the current and future journey of OpenAI

Understand the value proposition of different AI projects

Who this book is for

This book is for data scientists, technology leaders, and software engineers looking to implement Azure Cognitive Services with the help of sample use cases derived from success stories. Experience with Python as well as an overall understanding of the Azure Portal with related services such as Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Functions will help you make the most of this book.