The Authentic Leader as Servant Part I

The Authentic Leader as Servant Part I

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The Authentic Leader as Servant Part I: The Outward Leadership Attributes, Principles, and Practices looks at leadership from a perspective proposed thousands of years ago: A leader who is also a servant is, for the most part, qualified to lead when the individual is ready to carry out their assignment as a servant while pursuing the growth others… The book describes the leaders’ outward attributes using comprehensive, irrevocable facts and principles. The author describes the exemplary leader-as-servant outward attributes, including servant-hood as trust, influence, generosity, and persuasion, among many others, especially how to apply these qualities when serving others. The book focuses on the Biblical model of leadership that engages studies from the secular, sociological, and business perspectives, and explores how a leader as a servant’s relationship to followers can be productive and nurturing. The author argues that nothing is as pure, other people-centered, and service-oriented as a leadership modeled after the ultimate authentic leader and servant, Jesus Christ