Richard Feynman’s Mental Models

Richard Feynman’s Mental Models

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How a kid with a broken radio became one of the world's finest minds.
Richard Feynman started by fixing broken radios, and ended up being most known for helping invent the atomic bomb. He is the epitome of training your brain to peak performance.

Become an alternative thinker that can solve any problem and learn any technique.
Richard Feynman's Mental Models is a book about the various tools Feynman used to excel academically, professionally, scientifically, and later as a professor. Learn about this goldmine of innovation and understand how to become a lifelong learner and thinker yourself.

This is a book like no other - together, we will analyze the roots of Feynman's upbringing, the genesis of his most well-known mental models, and exactly how to apply them in all areas of your life. After all, he wasn't just a physicist, he was an artist, drummer, and lock-picker as well!

This book is exactly how to become a polymath with insatiable curiosity.
Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years. This book represents the scientifically proven methods he has used to become an expert in multiple domains.

Build your intellectual horsepower - yes, it is possible!
- Feynman's 12 favorite problems framework and how to solve any area of your life
- the Feynman Technique and how to comprehend extremely complex concepts
- the virtues of play and imagination in solving problems
- intellectual humility and getting from Point A to Point B
-how to spark curiosity in all of your endeavors

The scientific mindset is the key to the next level of your life.