The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch

The First Lady of Three Rivers Ranch

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A dance with destiny at Three Rivers Ranch between the sexy cowboy owner and the woman he hires to clean the cabins…who ends up stealing his heart.

Heidi Duffin's life is finally coming together: she has just one year left of her Bachelor's degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, four job applications out, and a summer full of possibilities. But when her sister convinces her to attend the first summer dance in small town Three Rivers, everything changes when she meets Frank Ackerman.

Frank has been dragged to the dance by his cowboys, and he doesn’t feel it’s a mistake when he meets Heidi. He introduces her to a world of cowboys and country living as he follows up with a job offer after the dance.

Heidi begins to clean the cowboy cabins at Three Rivers Ranch, and the chemistry between her and Frank is off the charts hot as he captivates her every thought.

As the summer goes by and they work together and get to know each other, Heidi's culinary skills bring the cowboys of Three Rivers Ranch closer together, creating the family environment that Frank has longed for since the death of his mother.

But their love for each other and their faith is tested when the siren's call of Heidi's dream bakery becomes louder. Will she return to school to fulfill her dreams or follow her heart and stay in Three Rivers with Frank? Can their faith in God and each other guide them to the sweetest of happy endings?