The Technology Of Warfare Prayer In The Battle Of Life

The Technology Of Warfare Prayer In The Battle Of Life

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This is another volcanic eruption spiritual prayer book loaded with divine wisdom. We grow in the Lord to conquer and have intimacy with him. In the absence of prayer technology, we beat about the bush.

This book makes us to be a violent soldier of God that removes mountains without fear to get result. Life problems are like trees, they have root. We must uproot the tree before we can have peace. Without prayer technology, we may deal with the leaves, branches, and trunk instead of the root. This prayer book will empower you to find the root of what you are fighting and uproot it to have result.

Christians must learn how to store prayer machine in storage and provide energy to pray. This book tells the steps needed to excel in prayer and make you a champion. Mountains are removed; Satan and his agents are rebuked with prayer machine. Internal bondage is broken, and internal instability is nullified. Vacuum of God is loaded with light of God that build palace of salvation in the heart.

The Lord knows we are skeptical of mountains. This is the reason he guides our destiny against mountains that stand on our way. God wants us to be recognized, lifted, honoured and fulfil our goal. However, in the journey of life, we battle dark forces assigned to reduce us to nothing. Such forces prevent us from moving forward and achieve our purpose in life. What they create is mountain. Mountains represent the immovable and the impossible powers that delay success. It takes different shapes and sizes. It may be almost too steep to climb, almost too high to cross, and almost too awesome to see beyond.

If you are not rooted in prayer, awake and be ready to fight the battle of life. The enemy awaits you at every point you want to succeed. The enemy contends with your prosperity. If you are aiming high in life, you need this book. It will teach you how to be prayerful because the enemy wants to control you.

Prayer is an ingredient of success, not a religious activity. Prayer is intimacy with immortals; and to attain the height, you must carry the DNA of Jesus Christ in prayer. Above all, this book will open your eyes to spiritual liberation and deliverance. It will enable you to think right and learn from mistakes. The book will empower you among other things to do wonders in life and achieve the followings.

1. It will end worry and problems that snare at you in the spirit and in real life.

2. It will break every witchcraft cage and slaughter powers behind it with prayer.

3. It will break every witchcraft chain that keeps soul in perpetual bondage.

4. It will break the power of darkness so that you don’t lick your wounds.

5. It will make you avoid growth in decay that leads to disaster.

6. Mountains are removed and or grounded to a plain to advertise the glory of God in your life.

7. Every enemy of your promotion shall be silenced.

8. Your foundation is addressed for breakthrough, success, and joy.

9. Hostility of the enemy against you shall be addressed until enemies are put to flight.

10. Oil of peace shall flow in you and doors of success shall open to you.

It is time to apply prayer technology to every situation that concerns us. This book is the answer. Have yours, pray it, excel and be full of life to Jesus Christ.