A damn good business

A damn good business

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Do you, as a charity or business, ever question if you're doing things the right way? A Damn Good Business suggests that adapting to human nature can lead to better outcomes, which we call a Meaningful Profit Business - the perfect balance between profit and non-profit. This approach can lead to increased efficiency, innovation, income, reduced workplace stress, and more enjoyable work experiences. Additionally, it allows you to make a positive impact on the world.

Learn within 30 days how to transform your business into a Meaningful Profit business and make good profits by adapting to human nature. Discover in this book why the split between profit and non-profit is illogical and rethink existing organizational structures, ways of thinking, and working to make your enterprise meaningful and gain good profits. With new insights and guidelines, this book offers a 30-day roadmap to work differently and adapt the enterprise to human nature. Let go of sacred cows and become a damn good business.