Lost and Found

Lost and Found

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This upbeat, funny and true story is about an American girl who found her superpowers by becoming Clark Kent. Determined to be a newspaper reporter, she discovered that the job wasn't open to girls. But she persisted, and succeeding beyond her wildest dreams, she covered some of the most tumultuous and colorful stories of her time. Even though she hated politics, Hume's insistence on holding the powerful accountable took her to Washington, where as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, she figured out how the politicians manipulated the news, and vice-versa. This tell-all memoir is, remarkably, a love story as well as a rollercoaster ride through the American news media at the height of their power. Hume's fairytale romance at Harvard ended with a devastating divorce, followed by a series of romantic misadventures. But at the age of 43 she embarked on the most impossible and rewarding assignment of her life: taking on a new husband and four children, all in one year.