Tales From The Dark Past - Books 4-5

Tales From The Dark Past - Books 4-5

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Books 4-5 in Helen Susan Swift's series of historical horror novels, 'Tales From The Dark Past', now available in one volume!

Whistlers Of The Dark: In 1899 Scotland, orphaned Ellen Luath seeks solace in a new job as a kitchen maid at Kingsinch farm. However, her troubled past catches up with her as eerie supernatural forces from long ago resurface, plunging her into a menacing web of darkness. Amid shifting time and place, Ellen must battle to preserve her sanity and discover her purpose in an increasingly bewildering reality. But can she find her way amidst the encroaching shadows?

Guardian Of The Dark Slap: Scottish Borders, 1921. Eleanor Armstrong and her troubled brother Thomas seek solace in the ancient dwelling of Anton's Walls, aiming to provide him respite from the haunting effects of shell-shock. Instead, they encounter a hostile community unwilling to accept outsiders and a house shrouded in a malevolent history. Meanwhile, in the year 1321, Sir Andrew Douglas embarks on a journey to the crusades, only to be diverted to confront the rogue knight Hugo de Soulis at Caercorbie. As past and present intertwine, a chilling tale emerges, revealing the presence of demonic forces amidst the moorlands of rural Scotland.