Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe

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Russia's best-known S-F duo, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, have come up with still another winner. Definitely Maybe is a chilling tale about bizarre and terrifying things suddenly disrupting the lives of the world's leading scientists. Amid all the mysterious events, only one thing is clear, they cannot work any longer. Something or someone is preventing scientific knowledge from advancing!
It is a race against time. Scientific work must not stop, but to continue would cause devastating results for each scientist. Should they risk their own lives and those of their families and continue their work? Or should they abandon their projects?
The tension mounts as more and more frightening and inexplicable events take place. Is it a super-civilization threatened by scientific progress? Could the mysterious Union of the Nine want to destroy all knowledge? Or is the Universe itself trying to regain control of its destiny?
The scientists struggle on, until one by one they begin to drop out, leaving astrophysicist Dmitri Malianov to decide for himself the ultimate question:what price truth?
A chilling tale of the supernatural or is it? A Definitely Maybe is nonstop suspense.