The Glory of Righteousness

The Glory of Righteousness

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What is righteousness? What is sin? What was the purpose of the Law of Moses? What is the difference between living under the law vs. living under grace? How can believers in Christ renew their minds effectively, and what does that mean? Do believers in Christ need to confess their sins? If yes, how should it be done and what is the importance of it? If they don't need to confess their sins, why not? This book will have an extensive discussion about conscience, righteousness, sin, law and grace, mind renewal, future sins, confession of sins and the Lord's Supper. As a general principle, a lie does not become truth just because it has been propagated for hundreds of years throughout history or because most people have accepted it as truth. From time to time, the people of God need to re-evaluate some of the existing doctrines in Christendom to see if they are really in line with the Word of God. Some of the beliefs that you hold today as a Christian might simply have been taken from your parents, pastors, friends, and teachers without ever being challenged or questioned in a constructive way. You're probably not even aware of it. This book will give you an opportunity to re-evaluate some of your beliefs, and check again for yourself in the scripture and with an open mind if they are according to the scripture or not. Living our lives here on earth from the spiritual realm and in the fullness of Christ is not something trivial that happens over night. It is a process that requires intentionality, sustained effort, perseverance, faith, and patience. It is a matter of personalized and applied knowledge about who we have become as sons and daughters of God. We have become the heirs of everything that God has and joint heirs with Christ. And the good news is that we already can partake right now of that inheritance, existing in an invisible form all around us, by knowledge of the Word of God and faith in that Word.