The Atlas of Endangered Animals

The Atlas of Endangered Animals

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Illustrated throughout with stunning full-colour artwork and detailed photographs, The Atlas of Endangered Animals presents an in-depth look at 50 species of animal from around the world, all of which are currently endangered or threatened according to the annual list drawn up by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The selection spans a broad spectrum of wildlife, from large, charismatic mammals such as the Bengal tiger to lesser-known species such as New Zealand’s kakapo, the world’s only flightless parrot, which was once presumed to be extinct. Each continent is covered, with examples carefully drawn from every habitat – from the mysterious aye-aye of Madagascar’s shrinking rainforest, to the shy spectacled bear of the high Andes. With chapters devoted to each of the continents and the world’s oceans, the book’s text describes the characteristics of each animal and a map illustrates its geographical distribution. A ‘Key Facts’ box gives fascinating details on the animal’s vital statistics such as weight, length, height, as well as details on their typical diet and life span. The Atlas of Endangered Animals is a fascinating introduction to some of the most threatened species on the planet.