Witches, Spells & Magic

Witches, Spells & Magic

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Why do we imagine witches wearing black pointy hats and flying on broomsticks? Why does the number three have such mystical importance? What are fairies and elves and where do they come from? And what prompted the witch-hunt craze of the early modern period?

Witches, Spells & Magic answers all these questions and more, exploring our fascination with myth and magic throughout history. From ancient Egyptian sorcerers to witchcraft and Christianity to the Land of Oz, the book reveals the historical importance and cultural legacy of myth and magic. Discover the roots of the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings stories; learn how the wanderings of Homer’s Odysseus, the legend of King Arthur, and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm provided guidance for people living in often brutal times. And trace the representation of witches and warlocks throughout art — with historical illustrations that bring the subject to life.

Today we may know the difference between magic and reality, but we can still enjoy these stories as a source of comfort and as a way to understand unexplained events. For anyone intrigued by magical lore, Witches, Spells & Magic is a true companion.