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Write This Way Collection

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All four books in Amanda Apthorpe's 'Write This Way', now available in one volume!

Time Management for Writers: You're adamant that, one day, you're going to write a novel. Perhaps it's the one that's been roaming through your neurons for... how long? Really? Thinking, ruminating, and even researching is NOT going to get it written, but putting into play a selection of strategies will get your journey underway. In the first book in the series, author, creative writing teacher and academic, Dr. Amanda Apthorpe, outlines the successful techniques she has shared with hundreds of her writing students. This easy-to-follow guide, with plenty of interactive exercises, is the first step in your writing journey.

Finding Your Writer’s Voice: You have a story you want to tell and have organised the time to do it. As you begin, your pen or fingers on the keyboard falter, like a little cough to clear your voice, and there's that nagging doubt that plagues you: Who am I to tell this story? What have I got to say? In the second volume of the Write This Way series, Dr. Amanda Apthorpe guides you in finding your authentic, dynamic voice.

Write Great Characters: You have a story you want to tell. You’ve organised time to do it and have come a long way in finding your writer’s voice. Now you need to decide whose story you’re going to write, and how make them so interesting that the reader is compelled to follow their journey to the end. In the third volume of the Write This Way series, Dr. Amanda Apthorpe guides you in bringing your characters to life on the page.

Write Compelling Plots: We are enthralled by stories – tales told around the campfire, acted on stage, written down, filmed, painted, danced and sung. Why? Because we want to be entertained, to be inspired, to escape, to enter virtual worlds, to understand and to relate to others like and unlike ourselves. It’s said that there are only seven storylines, but those seven have generated an extraordinary number of tales because their creators have told them from their own perspectives, their own point of difference. The fourth book in Amanda Apthorpe's Write This Way series identifies the difference between plot and story, guides external and internal structural organisation and explains the significance of the narrative arc. You will discover how your central character’s desire, their limitations and their fear entwine to create the conflict that will drive your story. Drawing on the content within these pages, and your own point of difference, you too can create compelling plots.