Because Of You/The Secret Pool/Heaven is Gentle/Ring in a Teacup

Because Of You/The Secret Pool/Heaven is Gentle/Ring in a Teacup

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The Secret Pool

Calm and capable — those were the words used to sum up Francesca. Certainly, she had plenty to cope with, looking after the home she shared with three elderly aunts and working at the local hospital. Yet she dealt with it all with her usual quiet efficiency and believed her life was complete...until the arrival of Dr Litrik van Rijgen!

Having taken the trouble to track her down while she was enjoying a holiday in Holland, he seemed to have other plans for her. But was she really willing to let him take over her life and possibly her heart?

Heaven Is Gentle

Sister Eliza Proudfoot took a job at the special clinic run by Professor Christian van Duyl. She found him a somewhat intimidating character — large in build and large in personality! And somehow Eliza kept getting on his wrong side, which didn’t stop her from falling in love with him even though he was engaged to the very suitable Estelle van der Daal. Eliza found Estelle a bit of a bore, but if that was what Christian wanted, who was Eliza to quibble!

Ring In A Teacup

It amazed Lucy how regularly Mr der Linssen, the handsome Dutch doctor who taught one of her nursing classes, kept turning up in her life. She would bump into him at the hospital, at her home and even in Holland when she went on vacation. If only he knew she existed! But that wasn’t likely, Lucy thought, since far prettier girls were obviously his for the asking...