The Risk of Statelessness: The Indigenous Peoples of Malaysia

The Risk of Statelessness: The Indigenous Peoples of Malaysia

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The book forms a continuation towards the exploration of the concept of statelessness which exists within the international community and the problems relating to statelessness that exist in Malaysia. This book aims to provide the reader adequate and accurate information regarding statelessness within Malaysia which interestingly enough may include indigenous communities as underscored through this book. It is the hope of the authors that this second book will be referred to as part of a series of books on the various stateless communities in Malaysia and how international law on statelessness can be recived within the domestic system. When it comes to deriving knowledge from a book, a pure historical and legal account positioned in a scientific manner is the best method of addressing issues that arise within vulnerable communities in Malaysia. An understanding of international law within the context of its application in Malaysia and impat of stateless communities is important so as to appreciate the whole scheme of things-the bigger picture so to speak. Each stateless person deals with their own distinct challenges forming a kaleidoscope of statelessness issues. It is therefore imperative for us to understand their plight. Our intention is for this book to pave the way towards greater understanding and appreciation of the concept of statelessness.